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"If you can see it, there is always a way to steal it."

Mechanisms that rely solely on making it difficult to download or copy digital content are therefore bound to fail. It takes only one user to figure out how to save your media and redistribute it on a Peer-to-Peer network. Commonly used methods to disable right mouse click or web page saving are grossly inadequate and very easily bypassed by disabling JavaScript. Encryption methods, no matter how good, are susceptible to screen-capturing the images (i.e. press "Prt Scrn" button on the keyboard and then paste the picture into any graphics program). Even programs that block screen-capture can be circumvented by many of today's smarter-than-average teenagers (e.g. bypassing the keyboard system hook which these schemes rely on). Even if some piece of sofware existed that could effectively block all these measures, a method that will always work is to route the video cable into another computer and record the media there.

Make your users not want to steal it.

What if each of your subscribers was allowed to access your images only after they have been stamped with his name (maybe even his credit card information)? What if this stamp was both visible and also encoded into the picture in several invisible ways? What if these stamps could be deciphered even if the image was printed, resized, or edited? What if removing all of the stamps would require essentially destroying the image? If you came across an illegitimate copy of your digital media, you would know exactly who copied it. If your members pay for subscription with their credit cards, you would know who to charge a penalty fee, or who to invite to court. By boldly stating in your "terms of use" that your digital media is protected in this fashion and that you would charge penalty fees, you would... make your subscribers not want to redistribute something that has their fingerprints all over it. The fingerprints themselves could contain information that the subscriber would not want to share with even his close friends, such as his credit card number.

Protect Pictures with CatchLock

CatchLock is a subscription service that performs lightning-fast image fingerprinting. It is ideal for digital media that is delivered to the subscribers via internet. All images are stamped on-the-fly with the subscriber's information, right before they are transmitted from the web server. A copyright statement or a watermark with your company logo can be added as well. For persons who have not yet subscribed to your service, it's also possible to have CatchLock stamp the images with "SAMPLE", send a low-resolution copy, or display a message requesting the user to log-in. CatchLock can even be configured to transmit preview-quality images when a search engine such as Google is indexing your site. This results in undefaced thumbnails being shown when someone is searching using Google Images, but the image resolution (quality) is terrible when this preview image is displayed in its normal, full-screen size. Since there is no software to install, CatchLock will work on almost any type of a server, even shared hosting servers with no administrative access! CatchLock is also nonobtrusive; the images can be uploaded, organized into folders, and manipulated exactly the same way you as you are doing it now. CatchLock will automatically process any images found within a folder that you specify.

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